Every skirt needs a good crinoline to give it fullness and support. This crinoline is different from others because it is box pleated before construction for extra fullness. Each crinoline is custom made to your exact measurements for a perfect fit, and available in your choice of colors.




Basic Crinoline

This crinoline is a must-have for any Lolita who wants a properly- puffy skirt or dress. It is made of layers of netting and tulle with a fabric base for comfort. Before the elastic waistband is attached, the entire crinoline is box pleated to give it extra flare. Since it is constructed over a solid fabric liner, it may be worn either alone as a skirt, or under another skirt or dress. It is available in any solid color. You may even choose to mix colors of fabric, netting, and tulle for a unique look! Please include your measurements when ordering. See the MEASUREMENT CHART for the required measurements.

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